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Holistic Biorefinery Platform

BlueBioChain will develop (TRL2) and apply (TRL5) a holistic biorefinery platform bridging the gap along the blue bioeconomy value chain, from biomass to products and markets and consumers. The project will last 24 months and will provide an intelligent wastewater valorization system using microalgae for the pilot production of 3 categories of high market value products, namely (i) cosmeceuticals (skin cream), (ii) food additives (food coloring agents for novel, convenient meat, and dairy analogues) and (iii) zero-waste aquaculture farms (aquafeed for fish/arthropods feed); thus, addressing three major global challenges of the future; sustainable waste management, tackling water scarcity and lack of food for the growing global population.

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Work Plan

BlueBioChain is 24 months project and is comprised by 7 work packages (WP). The WPs feed into each other, as well as deliver independent research results at the highest level

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